"We couldn't manage our farms without Kelp".

Roger & Nicki Beattie farm 5,500su organically to the highest level with zero chemical inputs. “We couldn’t manage our farms without kelp”.

It’s essential for the health of the animals along with rock salt. The Zelp kibble is like loose tea and they lick it like sherbert. The Beattie’s put small amounts in the paddock in wooden containers near the troughs with a lump of salt beside too, top up weekly or as required.

The Zelp kelp is very high in iodine compared with other kelp varieties and for maintenance amounts sheep only require 1g/ week and beef cattle 10g/week. They don’t drench at all so this is an easy stress free option.

They carried out an experiment with free choice minerals a few years ago and these two supplements were all the livestock wanted. We do have high magnesium in our soils and of course every farming situation is different. However if the livestock need kelp, especially for the iodine, they will lick it.

The most effective use for the livestock and your budget is to give them kelp 1 month prior to mating and the month after. Then again pre- lambing and lambing. So that’s about 4 months per year. It will also help your calves & lambs after weaning.

If you require any further information or wish to discuss, please don’t hesitate to contact Roger or Nicki.

Nicole Sowman