100g Valére Kelp Pepper Powder

100g Valére Kelp Pepper Powder


100% Pure Giant Kelp

Valére is a high quality, natural product with many trace elements, vitamins and minerals and is a rich source of iodine.

Valre kelp pepper looks like pepper but tastes like kelp. A natural flavour enhancer, Valére kelp pepper teases the senses with the aroma and taste of the sea. It's healthy, tasty, whilst adding flavour and gourmet presentation to your meals.

"for your health's sake -- shake"

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We sustainably harvest New Zealand's richest kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) to produce a fully certified organic dried kelp product for taste & nutrition.

Valére Kelp is hand gathered fresh, clean and live from the ocean. Nothing is added or removed from our totally natural product except the water, through air drying and gentle dehumidification.