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Zelp for Agriculture

We find that animals self regulate their intake of kelp.

Provide access to loose, rock or block salt to satisfy their salt needs.

If an animal is deficient in iodine, no matter what vitamins or minerals are given, they will not be assimilated properly until the iodine requirements have been met
— Pat Colby - Natural farming

Zelp for Cropping

We are constantly running trials and building our database of knowledge to see which crops work best with Zelp and which rates are optimal.

Zelp for other uses

The uses for Zelp are endless. We are continually running trial on different crops and experimenting with kelp. Please contact us if you would like more information on Zelp for your orchard, your vineyard, for aquaculture and iodine extraction. If you would like to know how to spread kelp on other crops not mentioned here let us know. Chances are we have done it already!