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zelp for orchards

Zelp for Orchards

For general orchard applications such as kiwifruit & fruit trees spray a 1:500 mixture of Zelp & water onto the foliage of the plants.
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Zelp for Viticulture

The benefits of kelp to grapevines can be numerous. For general applications we recommend 1-2kg/ha of Zelp Powder. Time your application to align with key stages in the plants life cycle. Not compatible with all sprayers.

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Zelp for Aquaculture

Zelp for Aquaculture

Kelp can serve as an input into marine farms such as Paua (abalone) and Butterfish farms. Our dried kelp has a long shelf life and reconstitutes quickly.

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Zelp for Alginates

Zelp for Alginates

Kelp is very high in alginates which can be processed to be used in agar plates, thickeners, gelling agents and waterproofing. You can find kelp extracts in some surprising things – bandaids, firefighting clothes, pharmaceuticals, soups, ice cream and even toothpaste!

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Zelp and Iodine

Zelp for Iodine

Our kelp is one of the richest sources of Iodine in the natural world. This makes it a good candidate for industrial iodine extraction.

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