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NZ Kelp Factsheets

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Organic Certificates

Organic Certification 2018-2019

Zelp Kelp Products

Both our Zelp Kibble/Meal and Powder are fully certified organic allowable inputs for livestock, crops and soil.

Organic Certification 2018-2019

Valére Products & Operations

For the operations associated with wild harvesting, processing and marketing of organic Giant Kelp as Valére Kelp Pepper.

Organic Certification 2018-2019

Ocean Harvesting

NZ Kelp are fully certified organic for wild harvesting, processing and selling of Giant Kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera).

 Organic Certification 2018-2019

Zelp Kelp Products - USDA NOP

Both our Zelp Kibble/Meal and Powder are fully certified organic allowable inputs for livestock, crops and soil by USDA NOP standards.

Asure Quality NZ Kelp Organic Cert
Roger and Nicki Beattie

Fully Certified Organic Dried Kelp

All of our Valére and Zelp kelp is:

Fresh – Our Kelp is hand gathered fresh from live plants in New Zealand’s clean waters.

Nutrient rich – New Zealand’s richest natural source of Iodine & contains over 29 trace elements.

Traceable – We can tell you where & when your batch of kelp was harvested & who harvested it. We could even tell you what the weather was like on the day!

Sustainable – NZ Giant Kelp is sustainably managed under New Zealand’s world renown Quota Management System (QMS)

Certified Organic – All of our products are fully certified organic with AsureQuality.

Ocean Harvesting & Sustainable Management

The pure ocean waters of New Zealand flow through the throngs of Giant Kelp, providing nutrients to our fastest growing plant Macrocystis pyrifera (Giant Kelp).

This is a plant capable of growing in the high energy surf zone, battling the crashing waves and the ebb and flow of the tide - a truly fascinating story. 

The journey starts with microscopic kelp spores floating around the ocean before attaching to a rock that enables them to soak up energy from the sun and grow skywards whilst feeding on the sea's natural bounty.

NZ Kelp is freshly hand gathered straight from the ocean. Nothing is added and only water is removed through air drying and gentle dehumidification. We don't de-nature our kelp's quality by fast drying.

Giant Kelp is now within the New Zealand quota Management system. Every piece of NZ Kelp can be traced back to the area it was harvested from.

Nutrient Rich

Giant Kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) contains 29 trace elements, is a good source of iodine and has three times the potassium content compared to sodium.

Being very rich, only small amounts are required so just a little goes a long way compared with other kelp/seaweed varieties. 

Being bathed in the ocean and simply dried after harvesting, NZ Kelp retains all the nutritional advantages from the goodness of the plant combined with natural sea water.

Our Vision

A future where the health of the environment is only surpassed by the health of its inhabitants.

Our Mission

To use kelp to benefit humanity

Our Values




Our Story

NZ Kelp began with food grade kelp which is now under the Valére brand. Once their access to harvesting (using the Quota Management System) increased, they branched into kelp for agricultural and horticultural use, sold under the brand Zelp.

Valére Kelp Pepper began when the Beattie family used it dried and flaked onto fish at BBQs on the beach. They discovered it was really tasty and enhanced the flavour of the fish.

They then cracked it into smaller pieces and used it at home, where it sat on the family dining table and was shaken onto meals. One morning their 4 year old son said a simple phrase and a new name was coined.


"can you pass the 'kelp pepper' please" 


The Beatties unique method of drying the kelp to retain its colour, goodness and flavour has changed little since that time.  Kelp has been eaten by man for centuries and forms a major part of many people's diet. It is also taken as a health product.

As a medical doctor Nicki Beattie recommended, where appropriate, the use of live foods in the diet in preference to pharmaceuticals. 

Valére Kelp looks like pepper but tastes like kelp. As a natural flavour enhancer, Valére teases the senses with the aroma and taste of the sea. It wasn’t long before Roger Beattie realised the horticultural applications of Giant Kelp (the species they harvest). They knew it must have some growth stimulating compounds in it because it grows up to 50cm a day. That’s 20mm an hour - imagine if you could get your grass to grow that quick!

They started running trials in their home garden and were absolutely baffled by the results: Carrots that were 2 x larger, radishes that were 4 x larger, grapes with botrytis improved, bok choi & radishes resistant to insect attack, enhanced cutting propagation… the list goes on. The trials became more comprehensive and the rates were refined but the results remained. They were finding more uses and building their database of knowledge about which species are best and which rates are optimal.

They started feeding it to their animals too. The Beatties farm organic sheep & Murray Grey cattle. The cattle loved it and would keep coming back for more. They had a lot in the first few weeks but their consumption reduced after their Iodine levels rose. Roger found they could self-regulate their intake of kelp, much like salt or other mineral supplements. "We have never lost an animal to Iodine deficiency." Roger Beattie


Roger Beattie

Co-founder and Director

Roger is a pioneer in every sense of the word. After his experiences on the Chatham Islands he become one of the most successful Blue Pearl farmers (Eyris Blue Pearls).

Inspired by the abundance of wekas on the Chathams and a lack of them on the mainland, he has become a successful weka breeder and debated DOC on Close Up for the right to farm native birds. He is a 10 ideas before breakfast kind of man. He played a role in the fisheries reform of the 80’s.

Roger always has several projects on the go but no matter what he is working on they always have one thing in common – they haven’t been done before.

Nicki Beattie MD

Co-founder and director

Within her role as a medical doctor Nicki recommended, where appropriate, the use of live foods in the diet in preference to pharmaceuticals.

By the time she had reached the decision to cease medical practice, Nicki was completely committed to the viability of making use of natural products to promote good health, primarily through diet.

Nicki is a large part of the day to day running of NZ Kelp as well as running the farms while Roger has his 10 ideas before breakfast.