By the time I had reached the decision to cease medical practice, I was completely committed to the viability of making use of natural products to promote good health, primarily through diet.
— Nicki Beattie MD, Co-founder


Valére Kelp

  • Certified Organic

  • NZ Harvested

  • Healthy

  • Traceable

  • Sustainable


1. be strong / powerful / influential / healthy
2. prevail

The Process

All Valére Giant kelp is harvested fresh from living kelp forests. The kelp we harvest is called NZ Giant Kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera). It grows abundantly in the cool sheltered waters around the South Island and is one of the fastest growing organisms on the planet. We harvest within 1m of the sea surface leaving the bulk of the plant to regrow and remain as shelter for living organisms. Harvesting Giant kelp is like the lawn mowing of the ocean - except the lawn grows back at up to 50cm a day!

After harvesting it is dried gently using air flow and dehumidification. During the drying process, temperatures never go above 30°C. This is to retain the natural flavour and nutrients. It is then simply crushed and sieved to two sizes – Fine & Powder.

Harvesting NZ Kelp in Akaroa

NZ Kelp Valére Kelp Pepper

Seafood platter with Kelp Pepper